Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcum to um... Me! :)

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ivori Faith and this is my blog.  In it I will be posting about some of the naughty adventures I have working and playing as a shemale in Second Life.  I just recently completed my first SL porn movie.  It was directed by Cybercat Bekkers, and my co-star was the incredibly hot Faye Nymphea.  She is a naughty girl after my own heart, and has posted photos from the shoot on her blog, but I wanted to show you a couple really hot ones:
Looking lickable in latex, gotta love the clothes from Graves!
There's a really nice pic of me, just as we were getting underway.  And the next shot shows my lovely co-star Faye as I introduce her to my claim to fame *giggles*
Nice to meat you, Faye ;)
I will be posting the video here as soon as it's ready, and also letting you know about some other hot clips you should check out. You can check out Cyber's work at . In the meantime, stop by and see me at Twisted Shemales, the hottest Tgirl club on the grid.  A warning though, I change my appearance often, so don't go by these pics.  That's the thing about us tgirls, we always have a little surprise for you.  Well, mine's not little, but you know what I mean :p

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