Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Fucked A Pornstar: Careful What You Wish For...

... because you just might get it!! And that's what this poor soul found out. No surprise he asked Me not to use his name. But when you come to see someone like Me, and ask Me if I can be a little rough, this is what happens.
When you tell Me that you want to be humiliated, try not to be too shocked when you find yourself in a heap on the floor, covered in My sweet, hot, golden flow...
I don't play around. Beg for the kiss of the whip, and I'll make you regret your words, pig...
Punishment sometimes is a reward, though it may not seem as such, in the moment...
Used, and shamed. Sent home to your wife, degraded with a secret you dare not speak. And the determination to relive it, time and time again. I am your addiction...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Slut, revisited.

Further adventures of Sylia the cock-syphon. Dialogue shown is part of our conversation. The pictures and chat transcripts are posted with her permission, though she knows just how humiliating it is for her to have them here. And yes, I do love that...
[16:00] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) pulls her drool-slicked cock and slaps it across your face, grinning at the delicious sound it makes as it echoes through the room "mmmm My lil cockjunkie missed the Goddess treating her like the fucking pathetic whore she is, didn't she?" [16:01] Sylia Anatine: Yes I did Goddess... I wanted to get paid sooner so you would use me as your pathetic cumdump and pocket pussy!
She slurps down your cock, her lips wrapped tightly around your throbbing cock, its rock hard veins rubbing against her lips as you thrust yourself down her throat. Your cock is so hard it hurts a little as your face fuck her. It doesn't bend at all, instead, making her throat conform to it totally.
[16:05] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) smiles and stuffs her cock down your throat, tilting your head so you can see her take another wad of cash from your wallet, just in time to blast a hot thick load of cum down your gullet [16:08] Sylia Anatine's eyes begin to tear up a little and you notice her nipples become like little pebbles jutting out from her saliva soaked tits as you blast your thick wad of cum down her throat with a wad of her cash... No, your cash in your hands
[16:09] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) pushes her cock all the way down your throat as though she was forcing the cum down, and she looks down at you and nods "that's right, cunt... it's my cash. And I could take it all in one shot, but it makes that fucking pussy of yours gush when i take it bit by bit by fucking bit..." [16:11] Sylia Anatine's cunt throbs, drooling her cunt juice down her thighs like a hingry animal. She sucks you down harder, swallowing your thick hard member in her throat tight as she gulps down the last creamy bits of your thick load.
[16:13] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) grins as she forcefucks your throat, growling softly in your ear "Oh I do love it when you wait a few days before feeding, because you come back so fucking hungry, and so desperate for my cock... "
[16:14] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) reaches up and slides her hand into your purse again, pulling out 5 bills and waving them in your face as she fucks you hard, not missing a beat [16:17] Sylia Anatine relaxes her throat for a moment and lets your cok slide lla the way down her throat, your pelvis slamming into her nose. She slips her tongue out and laps at your heavy cum-filled balls as you keep fucking her face and flaunting your pillaging of her purse.
[16:20] Sylia Anatine swallows hard with your cock all the way down her throat, squeezing it tight as you pump away at her face. Her tongue continues to wriggle about tasting your balls with every heavy slap they make on her chin.
[16:25] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) begins to thrust harder, her breathing rapid as she grits her teeth, balls slapping wetly against your throat... she groans as she erupts in your mouth, her hot, thick cum pouring down your throat [16:28] Sylia Anatine moans like the whore she is as your cum fills her mouth. She sloshes it around for a moment, tasting it before gulping it down, only to have her mouth filled by the next copious gout to flood in from your cock. She swallows as fast as she can, but her cheek bulge like a squirrel's, unable to keep up with your massive load.
[16:30] The One and Only Ivori Faith (ivorileefaith) smiles down at you "see, that is what differs you from so many others... you're so addicted to my cum that you take the time to savour this precious gift, and know just how fortunate you are that I let you pay me to drink it"
This scene repeats itself over and over. She tells herself she needs to stop, yet she and I both know it simply will not happen. Perhaps one day she'll pay enough to actually get fucked. If I let her...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Off The Clock And On My Cock

Where does the time go? Some days the hours seem to fly by, and next thing I know, sexy Suff and I have the office to ourselves. This is one water cooler chat we're not sharing with others... yet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Movie: Stripper Friends

3 hot strippers, 4 hot guys. Sounds like a recipe for an amazing night. Kittyinda Henhouse, Morai Helix and yours truly get these boys so worked up we have to give them a hand (and other body parts) hehe. I love my stripper friends <3

100th Post! Ivori: Takin' It To The Max!

I can't believe this is actually my 100th post! I may not be as prolific as some, but I like to think I bring the heat each time I do. And I am thrilled to show you this set shot by dear friend Moonie. She captured Max Steele and I getting down and dirty in the alley outside DickGirls City. And the best part? There's a second set cumming soon hehe. So enjoy this hot set of your favorite Tgirl getting her dark meat fix, and thank you to all of my fans for all your support. You are amazing, and I love each and every one of you!