Thursday, January 29, 2015


It's been said that everyone has their price. Keeping that in mind, please know that this disgusting pervert made sure I was amply compensated for this. WARNING: The following post contains images and content that may offend some. These are roleplay, and not a reflection of my actual views on these subjects. If you think you might not like what you see here, move along.

When he contacted me, I said no. Well, it was more along the lines of "Oh, hell no!" He insisted he would pay extra. I gave him a price with the intention of scaring him off, as I had done with others. I was surprised when he doubled that. It was simply too much to turn down...

I laid it out to him in the simplest of terms. "You are a nasty, shit-eating faggot! And you're nowhere near good enough to eat My shit, and that is why you have to pay a fortune to earn that privilege, loser!" I snarled and spit on his face. He moaned and nodded in agreement, his cock starting to swell, the sick fuck.

I dragged his pathetic ass into the bathroom stall and put him to work, taking my utter disgust with him on his throat. I have to give him this, he could suck a dick. The hungry lil bastard wasn't just good at sucking dick, he had a weakness for serving superior black meat, something I was more than happy to help him with.

I wasted little time time in stretching this faggot out hard, slamming him against the wall and stuffing every inch of my massive black dick in his ass. Unlike some who seek me out, this was not his first experience with a large dick, and while he wasn't as tight as I liked, the shitsucker knew how to use that asspussy to please a cock.

I pumped him hard, deep and vicious, all the while whispering in his ear some things he needed to remember "Look at the way you're slamming your ass back, fucking My dick like some 10 dollar crack whore... fuckin nigga meat addicted cumjunkie" I hissed in his ear, causing him to cum all over the dirty toilet seat... I pushed his head down, and without being told, the little faggot licked it clean.

I growled "out of the way, fuckpig!" and squatted over the toilet, moving his face into position. I groaned and strained, farting in his face as I used him for one of the few things he was useful for. It slowly started to come out, dangling over his open mouth, and I could hear him masturbating furiously as I shit in his mouth. "Catch the rest and show Me. I want to see just how fucking vile and disgusting you are!" The sick fucker held the turd in her hand, looking at the precious gift he had received, before gobbling it down.

Keeping his shit-eating face as far away from my body as I could, I stuffed my big, black ass destroyer back into his pathetic cocksleeve, slamfucking his ass furiously as I screamed "Come on faggot, I wanna hear you beg for My fucking cum!" He wailed in response "Please, Goddess! Please fill my pathetic fagcunt with your cum!" I laughed and snapped "You really think you deserve such a treat? Fuck no. You're gonna walk out of here with My cum on your face so people can see you covered in cum and shit and know how truly sick you are. You want your ass bred? Your loyalty will earn that, faggot!"

Pulling out of his ass, I jacked a massive load onto his face, his head bobbing and weaving to try and catch it with his mouth. I looked down at him, shaking My head in disgust "I cannot believe you paid Me that much to make you eat My shit. How fucking sick and disgusting you are..." and turned, walking out to My room, leaving him to wallow in the filth he craved.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Titi's In Trouble

Titi's been cooking my books in her favour, but she's about to find out I'm not the dumb bimbo I play in the movies...