Sunday, September 19, 2010

A HUGE thank you!

I have a lot of naughtiness to bring your way, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for stopping by for a peek at my twisted SL.  In the week and half since I started the blog, there's been almost 500 hits!  I know to some of you that might not seem like a lot, but I was thrilled to see the counter just now.  Extra special thanks to the following people for the help they've shown me along the way (In no particular order): Emanuelle Jameson, Faye Nymphea, EmeeLee Ember, Quinn Ying, Cybercat Bekkers, Alyssa Drechsler, Rayven Baily, Serenity Kristan, Tyler Rage, Candi Mendle, CeCe Luminos, Hard Rust, Candace Flossberg.  If I have forgotten your name, please let me know and I will correct it at once.  Also, the girls (and Jeff! hehe) at Twisted Shemales who make working there so much fun: Twisted, Fari & Jane, Katie, Debi, Denise & Cait, Aerten, Kolt, Mae, Rita, Jess, NiNi, Evelyn, Archer, Bob, Zebra, Ace, Flora, Kel, Mango, Lianna, Kissi, Maureen, Rusty, Savory, Emma, Tulsa... and last but not least... Lizzi and Nounny, whom keep me sane.  Lurve you all!!!

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  1. <<subscribed

    I'm going to enjoy reading your blog, Ivori... keep it coming!