Friday, September 10, 2010

Doin' It In The Dungeon With Maenia

Another wonderful day yesterday, as a couple dear friends came back to the Twisted Family.  First was Katie Walpole, who has been away taking care of RL for a while now.  She's only back for a short time, so make sure you get down to the club and say hi.  Also, the sexy kitten Maenia Genira is back dancing at the club and we are thrilled to have her.  And this lucky girl got to have her in the best way possible, as we performed live sex at the dungeon event last night.  We started off in a 69, and it was so awesome to finally get my lips wrapped around her luscious cock.  It was made even sweeter to have the juices from her sopping wet pussy roll down her shaft and into my mouth (did I mention she was herm?)

I couldn't wait any longer and pulled her on top of me, and it was heavenly to feel her tight little cunt sliding down over my swollen shecock.  This sweet little knows how to grind, and I had to concentrate to not pump her full of cum right then and there!  There's not many things I like more than someone riding me, but I had plans for pussy, and I flipped her onto her hands and knees, slamming my cock into her.  My balls slapped against her wet pussy, and I reached around to jerk her swollen herm cock, giving a wink to her sexy wife Kelli, who was there watching us (and making me wish I could have sucked her cock while I fucked Mae!).

I needed more to be able to welcome Mae home the right way, and I knew just how to do it... I got her to stand and bend over, leaning against the bed so I could slide my cock into her hot, tight ass.  This girl is an incredible fuck, and her muscles milked me from the moment I was inside her.  I continued to stroke her cock, feeling it twitch and throb until she squirted a hot, creamy load onto the bed.  The sensations were overwhelming, and with a shriek, exploded inside her.  It felt so good to spray her insides with my cum.  So yeah, you definitely don't want to miss the next dungeon party at Twisted.  Did I mention they are clothing optional?  A huge thank you to Kelli Kristan for the pics!

I also took a little time to swing by the party at Hard Alley last night, thrown by Mr. Hard Rust himself.  Very handsome and a nice guy for such a naughty man ;).  I also had the pleasure of meeting one of SL's hottest director/actresses: the stunning Quinn Ying.  I was drooling over her massive breasts from the moment she walked in the room.  Will you see Quinn and I together in a scene?  I know I would love it!

I wanted to thank  a couple people who were instrumental in helping me get my career off the ground: Emanuelle  Jameson and Serenity Kristan, who both provided great advice and helped steer me towards people to get me going.  Thank you both for the help, you rock!

And finally, a couple pics I snapped last night... I hope you like them :)

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