Thursday, September 23, 2010


You're going to get a double dose of this busty tgirl, first in this set from the dungeon, and tomorrow, where she helps me give cum princess Faye Nymphea a creamy tag team workout...

In the wonderful world of SL, where everyone is attractive (well, almost everyone) it sometimes takes that little bit extra to stand out and be noticed.  Attitude is everything.  Therefore, when you meet a girl like Destiny you definitely pay attention.  This girl just oozes sex, and after a couple days of torturous teasing, I finally got her alone.  I'm a switch at heart, but with this sweet girl there was no question about my inclinations, and I soon had her on hands and knees, looking adoringly up at me.
I stroked her hair, the shining blue eyes locked on mine telling a clear tale of this girl's desire.  She needed to serve.  I was only too happy to help her with that.  She nuzzled my rapidly swelling cock inside the tight latex panties I wore, her eyes widening as she began to get an idea of just how big my cock is.  "I am so pleased you came over, dear girl.  I've had my eye on you for a while now" I said, "I am eager to see just how much of a slut you are, and should you please me, there's a great reward for you.  We can begin by having you attend to my boots.  This dungeon floor is filthy and they need a good cleaning".  I pushed the busty slut down to the floor, and without haste she extended her tongue, carefully cleaning every inch of the shiny black latex.
Satisfied that she had done a sufficient job, my boots now devoid of dust I pulled her onto my lap.  Caressing her finely curved ass, I purred "such a wonderful body you have, sweet Destiny.  So desirable, you are".  The girl smiled and began to say something when I brought my hand crashing down on that sweet ass.  She squealed and wiggled as I slapped her beautiful ass, the tender white flesh turning to pink, then a lovely shade of crimson.  Tears streamed down her face, and she whimpered in pain "Owwwwww... thank youuuu, M-M-Miss Ivoriiiii!" 
I rubbed the growing red welt on her ass and purred "there... don't you feel better now?  Your blood pumping.  Every nerve ending alive?  On your knees girl, pull my cock from my panties and stroke.  No lips, no tongue.  Just your hand".  She slid down to the cold stone floor and with trembling hands pulled the latex down, freeing my cock.  It sprung forth from it's rubbery prison, slapping lightly against her cheek, and I had to stifle a giggle as her eyes widened with shock.  She soon regained her composure, her eyes slowly moving from my cock to my eyes, and I nodded to her.  She extended a hand and wrapped her fingers around the massive shaft, her eyes once again locked on it, sparkling with a mixture of wonder and pure, unadulterated lust.  She worked her hand up and down, pausing every so often to spit on her palm, her drool lubricating her ministrations.
She moved her face closer, so I slapped her cheek and waved a finger at her "What did I tell you?"  She lowered her eyes and whispered "Sorry, Miss".  She continued to stroke, no longer needing to provide lubrication, as a steady stream of cum oozed from the head of my girlmeat and down the shaft.
She stroked faster now, and her eyes begged me to use her.  I took my sweet time, knowing the anticipation was a torture for her, and because her talented hands were pleasing me.  Finally, as I looked down at the girl, her thighs pressed together to give her own cock stimulation, I nodded.  She let out a soft moan and proceeded to take the entire length of my cock down her throat.  Her lips pressed against the base, her throat warm and wet as it massaged my girlmeat lovingly.
She began to bob her head up and down, slurping noisily, drool pouring from her mouth down my shaft and into her cleavage.  Her beautiful breasts pressed against my thighs, and I closed my eyes, truly enjoying the slut's formidable oral talents.
I closed my eyes and moaned as I pumped my cock down the sweet little whore's throat, and I could feel it wouldn't be long before I exploded.  But this girl has far to go before earning the privilege of swallowing my cum, so I pulled my cock from her mouth and grabbing her hair, led her to the cross in the corner, quickly securing the chains to her cuffs and then stood behind her, my swollen cock rubbing against her delicious ass cheeks.  I leaned forward and hissed in her ear "time to see what that sweet little ass feels like... then flood it with my seed.  You'll not clean yourself when I am done, but walk around with my cum leaking from your ass into your panties all day".  She nodded, and then let out a gasp as my drool-slicked cock brushed her hole.  I spread her cheeks and spit on her pretty pink hole, and it pulsed as she eagerly awaited my invasion.  I pressed against and felt it open, swallowing me hungrily.  I inched it into her and reached around to reward her obedience by stroking her formidable girlcock.

I wasted little time, the pretty slut having already worked me to a near frenzy with her talented mouth.  My hips thrust back and forth as I pistoned in and out of her tight little boycunt, and she cried out "p-p-please Miss... may this girl cum?  Pleaseeeee?"  I grunted "yes... cum for Miss Ivori you little slut!" and with that she shrieked, her cock spasming in my hand, painting the walls of the dungeon with jets of hot thick cum.
The feeling of her cumming in my hand was all it took, and thrusting wildly, I exploded inside her, flooding her insides with warm, creamy cum.  I pulled out and quickly slid the girl's panties onto her, holding her tightly and stroking her hair "Well done, girl" I whispered softly "You have pleased me, and as promised, a great award awaits you".  She purred contentedly in my arms and I led her upstairs to rest up for her next adventure.

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