Monday, September 20, 2010


This is the first installment in my Amateur Initiations series, where I bring you guys or girls not in the SL porn scene.  I'm nice like that hehe.

Flirting is such a rush.  Sure I do it as part of my job as a stripper and escort, but when you're flirting in the hopes it will lead to something, it does make one's heart pounf.  Thrill of the chase and all that...

It wasn't long after meeting this statuesque blonde that I found myself on my knees, trying to stuff as much of her cock down my throat.  She fucked my mouth the way I like: a firm grip on my hair, rough without being violent, and with lots of dirty talk.
My teasing certainly had her fueled up for this, as she was in total control.  Sometimes it's nice to be someone's fucktoy hehe.  She dragged me onto the bed and wasted no time stuffing that fat cock into my tight little ass.  Lifting my stocking-clad legs up over her shoulders, she forced her way inside me, thrusting her shecock into me so forcefully I nearly came right there.
My large breasts heaved back and forth across my chest with every thrust, and at this point I couldn't take it any longer.  I moved my hand to my rock hard girlmeat and began to stroke it.  The precum oozed from the tip, providing me all the lubrication I needed, and my hand glided along my slick, swollen shaft.
She saw me fucking my hand and smiled, purring "Mmmm, let me do that for you baby.  Let me stroke that beautiful cock while I fuck your ass".  She spit on her hand and took over, timing her strokes with the thrusts into my boycunt.  I like that about her... so giving.  She jerked me, getting me right to the edge then slowing down, squeezing the base of my cock until I calmed down, only to get me all worked up again.  She pushe my legs back and started to drive her cock into me, her big titties dangling around my cock as she fucked my ass.
She pulled her cock from my ass and pulled me to the edge of the bed and wasted no time stuffing her cock back into my mouth.  I sputtered and gagged as I tried to adjust, quickly relaxing my throat, turning it into the sweet, hot fuck tunnel that you all know and love.  My throat massaged her cock, milking her hungrily, and I prepared myself to get a yummy mouthful of cream...
I wanted her cum in my mouth so bad by this point, but naughty Nikki had other ideas, flipping me on my hands and knees and ramming her cock back into my ass.  She pounded my hole hard and deep, and when I felt her cock begin to spasm I squeezed it tight.  She squealed and exploded inside me, jets of thick, creamy cum painting my insides.  I was so fucking turned on at this time I pushed her on her back and stuffed my cock in her mouth.  I needed to cum and she was going to swallow every drop.
I was in control now, and she loved it as I forcefully worked my cock into her talented mouth.  I felt my balls begin to tighten, and I knew it wouldn't be long until I was pumping sperm down the blonde hottie's throat.  There was a noise in the background, and I didn't connect on what it was at first... but she popped off the bed and reached for the phone.  A brief conversation, and she was kissing my cheek, hurredly dressing and running out the door, leaving me standing there, hard and confused.  This ain't over...

If you're interested in being initiated, contact me in world so we can meet and set up a time.

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