Monday, September 27, 2010

Interview: Emanuelle Jameson

Not only is she the face of SL porn, she is also one of it's most talented visionaries.  As smart and driven as she is sexy, she leads the way in so many different aspects of the industry.  Her biggest appeal?  She is genuinely nice, and takes the time to talk and make you feel like you have her complete attention when you do.  I would not be where I am right now without her help, so I decided to give you all a look at this wonderful woman and maybe find out some of the things that make her tick.  Oh yeah, and show you pictures of her ass.
 Ivori Faith: so you must be thrilled with the reaction to La Cagna Ricca, did you think it was going to be as big a sensation as it is?
 Emanuelle Jameson: Even after doing this a bit I don't know which films people will love. It surprises me which ones get tons of hits and which ones kind of go ignored. But i have to be honest, I did think this one would stand out. The voice on that movie was pretty unique, she said modestly
Emanuelle Jameson: giggles

 Ivori Faith: tell me how you came up with the idea for it, and without giving away too many trade secrets how you were able to accomplish this?
Emanuelle Jameson: It was so much Madame Aprille's idea!   She came to me with the story, the location. She had the actor she wanted to play Enzo.  Even the lip sync was her. I had the idea of cutting to her narrating, and then she showed me the lip sync on SL, I didn't even know it existed!!!  Once i saw that, i made her do the narration all over again :)
Ivori Faith nods, I didn't either to be honest... but what an introduction
Emanuelle Jameson: awww ty :) Well that's why i put her name in the title :)
Ivori Faith: and Madame Aprille... what a voice, and acting skills as well. Anyone can read, but she really tells the story
 Emanuelle Jameson: Yes, I was excited to have her narrate. I knew she had a powerfully sensual voice.  I even learned how to convert clips to just audio tracks for this picture. That way we could use more of that wonderful voice all the way through the movie
Ivori Faith: She does... it um... enhanced my enjoyment of the video...
Emanuelle Jameson: She has that effect on people :)
Emanuelle Jameson: giggles

Ivori Faith: so you plan to make one of these a month... any chance we can get a preview of the next episode... or is it hush hush?
Emanuelle Jameson: I don't know if i can do one a month.  This one took over that long to make.  I am not the fastest filmmaker :)
Ivori Faith: quality over quantity
Emanuelle Jameson: always!
Ivori Faith: it's funny how much SL mirrors the real world here too...
Ivori Faith: So many girls have came and went in porn, yet youre still on the top of the list... what do you think is the reason for your success?
Emanuelle Jameson: oh i dont think there's any top :)
Ivori Faith: I love your modesty...

I had planned to ask her more questions, but she had to run off to RL at the time.  I will have Part 2 of this interview for asap, along with more pictures of the hottest girl in SL.


  1. This was a very interesting read. Emanuelle has a nice butt.

  2. Emanuelle you are great. Congratulatins Ivori, great interview.