Friday, September 24, 2010

New from AD Productions: Cowboys Delight

Now yes I wanted to post this because I have a role as an extra (look closely, I am the bartender. insert joke about head and beer here.) but also because Alyssa Drechsler is putting out some of the hottest and best looking movies right now. I snapped a few behind the scenes shots for you to check out, and then see the smokin' hot Krystall Pearl and Shane Tenenbaum gettin' wild in the Old West.

Though you didn't see her in the movie, Faye Nymphea was so hot as a dancing girl...

Fortunately these pictures are far sexier than the animations were hehe.

Krystall making sure she has that knife in her boot in case bad boy Shane gets out of hand...

"Camera?  What camera?  Just shush and take off your pants, cowboy!"

The lovely director Alyssa, Ray Lonergan and Rayven.

"Jazz Hands!!"

The super sexy Rayven Baily

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