Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hooray for Humpday!

Someone's gonna get humped today and they don't even know it yet *giggles*.  Oh, good morning.  It felt good to sleep in, especially after being up at the ungawdly hour of 4 am yesterday.  I should have some new stuffs for you later today as I do that juggling act between SL and RL.  It will definitely make your humpday better.

Looks like no one was able to guess the cleavage, so no prize will be given away this time.  I might even see about lining up some really good prizes and do this once a week.  The girl with the cavernous cleavage in that shot was the sexy Brit herself: Serenity Kristan!  That naughty lil minx decided it would be fun to pop down and see me at Twisted dressed as a schoolgirl.  So naughty.  And that's why I adore her and her lovely wife Arwen.  Those two brats have some serious detention time cumming up, believe me.  I snapped a couple more pics of her for you seeing as how she was looking so delicious!  You're welcome.  ^^

Today we hopefully get the shooting done for 'Surprise Package'.  I will have a full on set report cumming soon!  I also have some exciting industry news to tell, I can't just yet, but it is going to be massive!  I have a number of photosets to get done, and I will be working my cute lil tail off to bring them to you.  If you want to shoot with me, or have an idea for a photoset you'd like to see me in, drop me a notecard in world.  Oh, in case you were wondering, that is my lovely roommate Kolt Kitalpha in the picture at the start of this article.  You're gonna get to know this kickass tgirl a whole lot better very soon!

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  1. You're so amazing Ivori..Thankyou! :)

    I do feel i am suffering badly through lack of discipline though...As luck would have it that was the only day this week i wore panties! *blushes*

    "cavernous cleavage" Not sure what camera lense you used..but it makes my boobs look huge! LOL