Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Housewarming Gift- Starring Serenity and Arwen

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the sexy British accent on the other end of the line.  It was my dear friend Serenity, inviting me over for a visit to the new place.  She and her beautiful blonde wife Arwen had been very helpful in getting my career launched, so I had gone out and purchased a nice flower vase for them as a housewarming gift.  They were as always, stunning as they welcomed me into their home, and smelled wonderful as they greeted me with a soft kiss and lingering hug each.  The loved the vase thankfully, and it even matched their color scheme.  "Lucky for me..." I thought as they took me on the tour of the new place.  They didn't miss an opportunity to touch my arm lightly, or let a hip or breast brush against me.  They exchanged a number of glances and even whispered to each other a couple times.  They then led me to the Master bedroom, grinning like cats who'd eaten the canary.  "That was such a thoughtful gift you brought us Ivori, but the real gift is that you came here to see us.  We weren't entirely honest with you though, we did have alterior motives for inviting you here" Serenity said as she winked at Arwen and they both began to undress.  I didn't need any further invitation, and no sooner had I shed my clothes, did I find myself with my tongue buried inside Serenity's sweet pussy.
I licked my way down her silky thighs, grinning as Arwen slid her fingers down and parted her partner's lips for me.  Serenity gasped as I plunged my tongue into her, her wife heightening her enjoyment by rubbing her clit and licking and sucking her nipples.  I lapped up the nectar that flowed freely from her, and could hear the wet squelching noises of Arwen fingerfucking herself in anticipation.

Serenity began to buck her hips, letting out a few gasps before shrieking and showering me with the warm sweet spray I had been dying to taste since meeting her.  I barely had time to lick it up before she pulled me up and quickly guided my swollen girlmeat inside her.  I had just begun thrusting when I felt naughty Arwen parting my cheeks and tonguing my hole, which caused my cock throb so noticeably that the beautiful brunette gasped!

Serenity giggled and pushed me off her and said "Come on Ivori, she is gonna go mad if you don't fuck her soon!"  I giggled and rolled over, sliding my cock into the blonde's drenched pussy from behind.  She let out a squeal as I forced the last 4 inches into her, and I was about to say something utterly filthy to her when Serenity's hand grabbed my hair and guided me back to her pussy.

The two naughty British tarts took turns taking my cock however they could get it, and I went from being in control to being the fucktoy in this out of control manage et trois.  Not that I was complaining, this was the kind of thing any cock owner dreams about.  Of course, there could have been strap-ons thrown into the mix, but that's another story...

The two worked their way into a 69, and I sat and watched for a moment, their love and lust for each other so obvious... I slid my cock into Arwen's tight little pussy and grabbed her hips, pumping with long deep strokes as my balls tightened.  Serenity, just have came all over her wife's face cried out "mmmm Ivori please!!  Pump her cunny full of cum for me!!!"  That was all it took, and I shuddered uncontrolably, my cock spasming inside her before spraying her silky walls with hot, thick girlcum.  I pulled my still spurting cock and thrust it into the brunette's mouth, as she skillfully drained me. 

We collapsed together, the room smelling of sweat and sex.  A kiss to share the cum in Serenity's mouth was the last thing I remembered as I drifted off to sleep in their arms...

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  1. Wow! I got so carried away during that visit! ...I really don't know what came over me!? ( yeah i set that up for somebody! :P )


    Thankyou Ivori, it was hot, and fun, and we both love the blog. :) *kisses*