Sunday, September 12, 2010

After School Secrets with EmeeLee Ember

I was certainly puzzled why I got detention.  I studied hard, tried to keep myself out of trouble, and even tried to not get too carried away with the boys like other girls I went to school with.  In spite of all that, Ms. Ember still wanted to see me after class.  Ms. Ember was not only my science teacher, but the focus of all my sexual fantasies of late: a tall, busty brunette with a stare that could cut right through you and an ass so high and firm everyone; boys, girls and the other teachers would watch her walk by.  Many was the time I got caught staring at her incredible tits.  I couldn't help myself, she just turns me on.  And that is a problem.  I am not like other girls. I have a naughty little secret...
Ms. Ember walked in, looking impeccably dressed as always, a mixture of business-like and sexy.  The ultimate MILF, you could say.  Since her divorce she had started dressing even sexier, and seemed to even flirt with some of the boys.  Some people fall apart after divorce, but she wore it well.  She stood in front of me and began to lecture me, talking about her disappointment in me, but honestly, I wasn't listening.  My hormones had decided it was best to tune her out and just gaze into her delicious cleavage.  Then she said something that shocked me back to reality: "I know your secret Ivori."
My face felt hot and flushed, and I trembled.  I tried playing innocent, but she would have none of it.  She stood behind me and moved closer, and when her breasts pressed against my back, my heart nearly stopped.  She whispered softly in my ear "I know you're lying to everyone, and you may have them fooled, but you don't fool me.  It must hurt to talk in that soft feminine voice all the time".  She pressed her body closer, and I nearly jumped out of my skin when she slid her hand along the inside of my thigh, up under my skirt to confirm her suspicions.  Her hand brushed against my panties, rubbing my swollen cock and my head began to spin, a mixture of lust and absolute panic washing over me.  What now?  My father was going to kill me.  After my mom died when we were young, it hit him hard.  He asked me to wear one of her dresses one time, just for a laugh.  It made him smile for the first time in years, so I began to dress as a girl around the house.  He never touched me or anything like that.  It wasn't sexual, just something that made my Dad feel like living again.  Then a few years back we moved to a new town for his job, and he felt I should live my life outside as a girl.  He made a few calls to some friends, and my name got changed.  I had to admit I loved it.  He bought me all the latest clothes, and even took me out of town and had breast enhancement surgery.  I took female hormones, and it was getting easier all the time to sound female.  Yet through all these efforts, she figured me out.
  She stood in front of me, hands on her hips and a stern look on her face "As a teacher Ivori, I have to report this.  I can't allow you to pull this sick, twisted lie any longer".  I began to cry, tears streaming down my cheeks as I pleaded with her "please Ms. Ember, you can't do this!  I am begging you... my father is going to kill me.  I will do anything, just please don't tell anyone!  I don't want to have to move again!"
She stood there for a moment, glaring at me like I was some type of deviant.  Then a wicked smile appeared on her face and she began to slide her jacket off, and slowly unbutton her sexy green blouse "You want me to keep your dirty little secret?  Fine, but here is how it's going to go down.  You will do exactly as I say, and if you tell anyone, I will expose you and deny everything.  Do you understand me?"  I nodded, lost in a daze.  I had waited so long to see this woman naked, yet I couldn't figure out why she was taking her clothes off now.

"Have you even kissed a boy before?  Or a girl for that matter?"  I shook my head, though I was tormented everyday by silly crushes on boys and girls, knowing I could never act on them.  She slipped her blouse off, and to my surprise wasn't wearing a bra.  Her breasts were stunning, as high and firm as my own, and more beautiful than I had ever imagined.  I pressed my thighs together, my cock throbbing as it strained against my tiny white panties.  "Yes, Ivori... I have seen how you look at me.   I know what you're thinking.  You want to fuck me.  And you will fuck me, but you are not going to use that voice around me.  You are going to speak and sound like a man."  She slipped out of her pants, and I nearly died seeing her pussy, neatly trimmed and visibly soaked.  She walked over to her desk and called me to her.
By this time, the fear had kicked in again, and my cock shrunk back to its normal size.  "Take off those panties and let me see it!" she barked, and I obediently slid them down my legs and stepped out of them.  My cock hung down past the hem of my skirt, and I saw her eyes widen as she licked her lips.  That image was all it took, and my cock roared to life, growing and swelling until it was a full 10 inches long.
She laid back on the desk and lifted her long, shapely legs high in the air and parted them slightly "Now, Ivori... tell me you want to fuck me."  I stammered "Y-y-yes Ms. Ember, I want to fuck you".  "NO!" she yelled "I don't want to hear that sissy voice... say it like a man!"  I cleared my throat, and in a voice I didn't even recognize, somewhat scratchy I said "I... I want to fuck you, Ms. Ember"  She smiled and reached down, spreading her beautiful pink lips and purred "now come over here and put that massive cock inside me, Ivori... fuck your teacher like I know you've dreamed about!"  I was frozen, yet I walked towards her, my cock right at the level of her pussy thanks to my heels, and I somewhat clumsily slid inside her.
She moaned and pressed a hand against my stomach to stop me from putting the entire length inside her "God... not so fast, you really have no idea how big this thing is, do you?" she panted.  And it was true, I had never seen another cock, not even my father's.  The sensations of her hot, pussy squeezing my cock hungrily was overwhelming, and I began to buck my hips wildly, cumming in an explosion of awkward virgin lust.  I was embarrassed.  Wasn't it supposed to last longer?  Was I doing it wrong?  Were the hormones making it so I couldn't do this right?  She purred and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she shuddered and her pussy clamped down hard on my still rigid member.  I could feel the juices pour from her and down my shaft, pooling on the floor below.  She opened her eyes and smiled at me "Mmmm... poor boy, you couldn't help yourself, could you?  And now you've filled my pussy full of cum.  Time to learn how to fuck a woman properly, Ivori.  Thrust that monster into me, I wanna feel every inch of you."
She groaned as I buried myself in her sweet cunt, and I grabbed her legs and began to pump.  "Mmmmm, not too fast baby... just like that.  That's sooo good.  Now, tell me how much you love being my little fucktoy sissyboy"  My face turned beet red at the horrible names she was calling me, yet I felt my cock throb inside her and I swear it got bigger.  I stammered "I-I-I love it, Ms. Ember... I love being in your pussy and being your..." I paused and closed my eyes "...little fucktoy sissyboy."  She pushed me off and got down on the floor on her hands and knees, wiggling her finely curved ass at me "Take off your shirt and tie and fuck me, Ivori!"
I got down behind her and stuffed my cock inside her.  She gasped and whispered "Mmmmm, fuck your teacher, tranny boy.  Stuff me full of that sweet hard cock!"  I grabbed her hips and gritting my teeth, began to slam my cock into her hungry hole.  My balls slapped wetly against her hard clit, and her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth with every thrust.
She began to shake violently, and screamed out "Yesssss!!!! Ohhhh fuck meeeee!!!!" and I could hear a hissing noise.  I looked down to see juices squirting out around my cock, and I nearly came again from the sensation of her pussy spasming around my cock.  We were startled when heard something fall to the floor.  Behind us was the janitor, his mouth open in a state of shock, having dropped his broom.  She calmly whispered "Ivori honey, get up and go to the library, I will take care of this and meet you there".  I nodded, and grabbed my clothes, running past the stunned custodian.  I felt sick.  Surely this was bad news.  How would she keep him from telling anyone?
A few minutes passed, and she came in, still naked and smiling.  She said nothing, but simply wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth.  I closed my eyes and moaned, something in her mouth was being passed to me, and I swallowed it.  It was creamy and warm, salty and sweet at the same time.  She broke the kiss and giggled "How do you like the taste of cum, baby?  All it took was a couple minutes of sucking the janitor's cock and now he would rather die than expose us.  Tomorrow I will use him to teach you how to suck cock, but now I am going to show you just how good it feels".  She dropped to her knees and engulfed my girlmeat with her mouth, and I looked down in amazement as she took the entire length down her throat.  She slurped and moaned, her mouth bobbing up and down the length of my cock, and I felt that tingling sensation grow.  "Ohhhh Ms. Ember... I think it's gonna happen again..." I yelled and she pulled her mouth off my cock, gasping "mmmmmm stroke that beautiful cock baby... stroke and squirt your cum all over my face!"
I pumped my cock furiously, and my knees began to buckle.  I let out a yell, and jets of thick, creamy cum spewed from the head of my cock, splashing her face and tits.  It didn't seem to stop, my balls emptying on the beautiful older woman.
She took my cock in her mouth once again, sucking the last droplets of cum from it and licking every last trace of cum clean.  She smiled up at me as my cock began to shrink, and she purred "Time to be a good sissyboy and clean up your mess, Ivori".  She laid on the floor and I began lapping up my cum off her incredible body, happy to know my secret was safe.

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