Friday, September 17, 2010

The "La Cagna Ricca" Premiere Party

As mentioned, I went to the premiere of Emanuelle Jameson's masterpiece the other day, and as promised, here are some of the pics.  I was sad to see with all the snapping of pics, I didn't manage to get one of Madame Aprille Shepherd.  I guess I will have to watch the video and melt to that voice all over again *giggles*
The girl herself... Ema always looks amazing.
This incredible ass belongs to the very yummy Kareen Jaggernov.
Kareen and I doing a little dirty dancing,
Quinn Ying.  'Nuff said.
Unfortunately that's all I have for the real good ones.  The lag kept me from getting a good shot of Emanuelle's ass, but fear not dear readers.  I shall not stop until I do :)

I have a shoot for today scheduled with director Tyler Rage, so I may just have more treats for you soon.  And here is a preview of some naughty fun I had for a new feature I am gonna call 'Ivori's Amateur Initiations'.  Will tell you more about this sexy girl soon... and some very exciting news!  Until then, kisses and slurps

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