Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Staying in touch with an old friend...

If you're in SL any length of time you will friend that friends seem to drop from sight from time to time.  Sometimes you never see them again, while others come back, and you have the pleasure of seeing them again.  I used to work with Sylvia at another club, and we became good friends quickly.  She has as much of a way with words as she does a penchant for getting naughty.  She came into the club one night, looking devastatingly gorgeous (as always) and it wasn't long before I dragged her back to my apartment.  Did I mention I get weak in the knees for thick, hard black cock?
Sylvia Roxley.

Drool pours from my mouth as I frantically suck her massive cock

Opening my throat like a good little slut

Stroking as she feeds me more dark, delicious girlmeat

Throatfucked by black cock...

Easing her way into my tight little ass...

It felt so good to have her inside me again

And she didn't hold back, punishing my dirty lil hole with her ebony fuckmeat

I love getting take from behind, the feeling of being helpless to the assault on your ass

Milking her dry with my ass...

Taking advantage of her post-orgasmic haze, it was time to get some...

She quickly adjusted, and took my cock down her throat like few can...

The precum poured from her prick as I fucked her mouth

Worshipping white girlcock

Drilling that fine black ass

So tight... going deep and hard into my slutty friend

I had her screaming as I savagely returned the favour

Milking her

Sweet cum

I empty my load inside her...

And before I know what's happening, she's pounding my ass again

Screaming for her to fuck me harder


Rutting like crazed animals...

Screaming as I explode...

A cuddle and a kiss, with a promise to stay in touch


  1. you have a really yummy cock jealous i cant touch it and your friends cock is yummy too

  2. Amen to that Yoko! :P

    Lovely photo set! Also..that's a very cute sexy look Ivori..My favourite. hehe