Sunday, October 10, 2010

Candace Flossberg's Birthday Party @ Hard Alley

Good morning my sexy friends!  A little late today with your update (and there is more to come later) but I thought I would start off with some pics I snapped at the party for the smokin hot Candace Flossberg at Hard Alley last night.  For those of you who don't know, she is the bride to be of Mr. Hard Rust, the dirty perv (and that is said with a great deal of affection) who brought Hard Alley to us all.  And speaking of pervs, Aurora Bentham put together a little video clip of some of the fun from last night, which you can see after the pics :)
What's a birthday party without Candi?  Rawr!

The oh-so fuckable ass of Miss Flossberg.

Cake or Cock? (with apologies to Eddie Izzard)

"For cryin' out loud, Hard!  Is there not one piece of my birthday cake WITHOUT cum on it???"

Amykins Moonwall and rocky McMinnar.  A yummy couple indeed.

"Damn girl, ain't you supposed to look hung over AFTER the party?" *giggles* Luv you Aurorapants :p

My new friend and owner of one of the best names in SL: Lusciouspink Faulds.  Would you like to see more of her in the blog?  I wanna hear from you on this one...
Embed code isn't working for some reason so watch the video here

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