Friday, October 8, 2010

Accomodating The Landlady starring Faye Nymphea

I wasn't your typical landlady, that much was obvious.  It was a small complex of of apartments, just enough to provide me with an income that meant I didn't have to get another job.  And being close to the university meant there were never any vacancies.  I would screen hundreds of applicants every year, but I took this part very seriously.  The partier, jock types?  No way.  I wanted to make sure my tenants were able to have a home environment that contributed to them achieving their educational goals, not detracting from them.  But I also wanted it to be fun, so the overly studious bookworm types usually didn't make the cut.  No what I was looking for was a balance of those two types.  So if you're a coed, who likes to have fun but takes her studies seriously, then I have a place for you.

When Faye arrived I was taken aback.  She looked more like a model than a college student, but the exchange student from the UK had decided to continue her studies in North America and was ready to start her first year at the university.  A friend who was already staying in one of my suites had recommended she apply here, and I made a mental note to thank that friend of hers.  She filled out the application, and I showed her the suite.  She said it was perfect for her, and we returned to my suite for some cool drinks and idle chit chat. 

Summer was just coming to an end, and it was still warm out.  She was downing the iced tea, and I could tell she was very hot, and this provided the opening that I needed.  "You look warm dear, is the tea not cooling you off?" I said.  She took a napkin and dabbed at the thin sheen of perspiration on her forehead and shook her head "It's delicious, but no.  I was thinking I might hit the pool after we are done here".  I smiled and said "I have a hot tub here in the suite if you're interested?  One of the perks of being the landlady.  I have a suit you can borrow..."  She smiled and said she thought a dip in the tub would be lovely, and I was both surprised and utterly pleased when she began to disrobe and said she preferred to just slip in naked.  Now came the hard part, no pun intended.  Revealing myself to her as a shemale.  Some girls had freaked out and ran in the past.  Others reacted quite positively, if you know what I mean.

I slid my jeans off and lowered my panties and I could see her eyes light up, "She told me you were a tgirl, but I didn't believe her" she purred, "that is so sexy.  I've never been with one before."  I slid into the tub and cuddled and kissed the British stunner, and it wasn't long before her hands were all over my hard girlcock.

I leaned back against the tub and pulled her onto my lap.  This girl had an amazing body, and she wriggled her tight little bottom against my swollen shemeat, her hands playing with my balls and stroking her clit.  I purred softly in her ear that she had the apartment, and she didn't need to take this any further, but her skillful manipulation of my cock told me this was far from over.
I patted the bench beside the tub and she climbed out of the tub and spread her legs, her actions inviting me taste the sweet young coed.  I needed no more convincing and was soon kissing and licking my way up her long, shapely legs.  She reached down to part her glistening pink lips and I moaned and lunged forward, my tongue sliding into her sex.  She gasped and slid her fingers through my hair as if to hold me in place as she rolled her hips.  I was going nowhere however as my tongue pistoned in and out of her sweet cunny, lapping up her nectar hungrily.

It wasn't long before Faye began to buck wildly, screaming as she sprayed my face with hot, sweet juice, and I eagerly lapped up every drop.  I rolled her onto her hands and kneed and continued to pleasure her, sliding two fingers into her drenched pussy when she whispered something in that sexy British accent that floored me "mmmmm Ivori" she purred "I need more fingers... please baby... fist me!"  Being the ever helpful landlady, I complied.  One must keep one's tennants happy, you know.

Her pussy was so tight I didn't even think I would get 4 fingers in let alone the whole hand, but the juices poured from her cunt and soon my fist was inside her.  She shook wildly and climaxed almost immediately, collapsing on the bench, but soon regained her composure and pushed me onto my back, letting out a lustful moan as she crawled between my thighs and took nearly the entire length of my cock down her throat.

She bobbed her head up and down my shecock like she was starving, moaning and slurping my cock as I pumped it down her throat.  I wondered if any of her professors would be getting a glimpse of her immense skills as I watched my girlmeat disappear down her gullet.  She pulled her mouth off me with a slow, sensuous slurp, long strands of drool keeping her mouth connected with my cock as she purred "I need you to fuck me... now!"  I smiled and pulled her on top of me...
To be continued...

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