Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm sowwy

But this lil kitten  has been sick.  I know you're used to daily updates from me, and I enjoy having new content for you daily (mainly because it's so much fun to make it).  So I apologize, and promise I will make it up to you asap with lots of awesome new shoots and some other goodies.  To show you how much you mean to me... it's Random pic time!!!
*sighs deeply* I miss my 'Rorapants...
 More after the jump...

From the 'Dick in a box' shoot.  Hailey's look is priceless...

"Go on girl, open it..."

The only pic I got of the now lost 'robot dance' footage...

A lil fun with the beautiful Miss Quinn Ying

She had her baby yesterday, and I am thrilled for her :)

I wonder if this had anything to do with her going into labour?

Never noticed she had such a nice ass before...

Love the facial expression here

My view

Cumming in Quinn

And finally, it wouldn't be a blogpost without a pic of my roommate with my cum on her face, right?  I adore Faye :)


  1. Aww I miss you too Ivori so much <3. You slut took a picture during that it was supposed to be romantic.


  2. Yes, It had to be a romantic our moment too lol
    Hope you feel better now sweetie, I need more!
    @Aurora: We've been missing you, hb baby!!!

  3. Are you kidding, Ivori? When you're away for a few hours, people miss you :) Just THINK of the damage being done because of this cold!

    Get better soon, baby-girl :) Hailey luvs ya.