Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interview: Emanuelle Jameson Part 2

In the first half of the our chat with SL Porn Icon Emanuelle Jameson, she talked about her latest movie 'La Cagna Ricca'.  In a subsequent chat, we sat down and I asked her a little bit about how she became the biggest name in SL Adult Films. 

Her beginnings in SL porn came from very real experiences.  "It's really stupid. I had a partner who filmed us one time in RL. And I got off on it like i never had before. OMG. It was like orgasm to the hundredth power!!" she said.  "So since then I had a secret pornstar fantasy. And SL is a place where fantasies happen!!"  She smiled and let her tongue glide slowly across her plump, red lips "And so i get to live out my sexy fantasies here...".

Her decision to model her SL life after the biggest name in RL porn came from a very unusual place "I was watching Oprah and Jenna Jameson was talking about her book. I was literally watching TV with my laptop in my lap, scrolling through last names as she was talking....and Jameson came up. I thought it would be funny to have a pornstar name".

So she was a fan, seems simple enough.  Not so fast... "To be honest, I had never even seen one of her movies!! And I didn't realize how BIG she was. I was a little taken a back when so many people asked me about her and about porn. I really didn't know it".  As anyone who's ever met her can attest, she simply decided to have some fun with it, " I never took it that seriously.  And  i never wanted anyone to take it seriously either. I always tried to make sure of that".

It was quite an ordeal when she was asked to change her name from Jennnnna Jameson to the moniker we know her by now, something that still doesn't sit well with her "Even though the name started as a joke I did grow attached to my SL identity. So it was a little hard".  I asked her if she had been contacted by Jameson's people, and she cleared up any confusion "No one from Jenna Jameson ever contacted me. It was just a SL issue. I am pretty certain it was because of an event. The irony is that someone tried to portray me as the real Jenna AGAINST MY WISHES".  Those of you who have spent any amount of time trying to make changes to your account know it can be a frustrating process, that's nothing compared to what she's been through: "The Lindens were actually pretty cool about it. Especially Harry Linden. They let me keep my avi and friends list and inventory as long as I changed the name. So they were not jerks about it" she stated, adding "I get that it was someone else's name. So that's fair. The only thing that got to me were that they singled JUST me out. There are probably 100 other Jenna's still walking around who had names closer than mine. Not to mention thousands of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt's and Elvis Presleys".  So it's simple then: just pick another name and you're done, right?  Wrong.  "It was hard to get a name through. Emanuelle was the 50th name i submitted to them. 50 names!!! My friend Eddi Haskell suggested it. He was a huge help through the whole thing. He was the closest thing i had to a lawyer" she smiled "But in hindsight, I am glad. People seem to like it and I've gotten attached to it. I am even working on changing the blog name (which has since happened- ed.)

Getting back to her films, I asked her about which film she was proudest of, aside from her recent triumph "That one is so much better than anything else I've done. If I had to choose, I guess THE BEAUTIFUL ONES. It's a bad plot...Actually there is no plot!!!" she giggled.  "But the black and white look of the film really looks good on that one. And the other actors, Ryce, Lico and Ainsley are just gorgeous avis. It's the closest footage I've shot that looks like real life".

She's been a tireless supporter of the industry as a whole, publicizing other directors works, even giving advice to those starting out, myself included.  True to form, she was gracious when asked about a favorite performer or director to work with "I like everyone who tries to do something different.  I can't blog every film that comes out. But I try to call attention to people when they make big strides or try something adventurous".   She added "I am supposed to do pictures for Deelite, Cyber and Van.  So that will check some wonderful names off the list.  And honestly, if someone wants me for a film, I will do it.  I like to act way more than direct. It's so much easier".

As far as what the future holds, she has her fingers in a lot of pies, no pun intended. "Honestly i am a total scatterbrain. I don't plan anything. I have a couple of ideas i want to try. One in particular, but that last movie took A LONG time to do. i am just trying to chill a bit and have some fun", she said, adding "I love our group (The Pornstars).  I think it is the most fun group in SL.  I love that so many fun people use it to make friends.  I would just say, invite any friends you want. You all have permission.  The more the merrier!"

I am sure you're all dying to know what happened next... I'll show you later today ;)

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