Friday, June 7, 2013

Sucking The Succubus

( I know it's been a long time since I posted some stuff, but I promise you, the wait will be worth it when you see the sets cumming over the next while. We'll start off with a smoker featuring Kat and myself, with some awesome photographs from Blake Alderbury ) I'm still not sure how it all happened, to be honest. I'd been hearing things for days, soft whispers in my head that sounded as much like the wind as they did the erotic whispers of a female in heat. I could swear it was someone taunting me... teasing me... yet there was no one around. It went on for days, and I spent a good deal of time wondering if I was losing my mind, and also finding myself getting increasingly horny. What was happening to me? I've always been a horny lil dickgirl, but you know the old joke about the wind blowing, right? Was I just hearing things? It got to the point that the voices got a lil louder, and a lil clearer, and whatever it was whispered in my ear "I'm coming for you...". I got home from work and settled in for a quiet night, when I sensed someone behind me. I turned, expecting to see my roommate, when to my shock I saw her, jet black skin, flowing red hair and the kind of curves that drive one to sin... I thought I should scream, or something. But instead, I could hear her telling me to take my clothes off. It was strange, because I never saw her lips move, yet there I was, shedding my clothes for a demon in my bedroom... I tried to speak, managing a soft, crackled "But I..." and then she dropped her silks and it was all over. A massive black cock swung out before me, pulsing visibly, precum dangling from the head. I dropped to my knees and to my amazement found myself trying to fit as much of this cock down my throat as I could. Her hips pumped hard, that massive slab of demonic cockmeat relentless in it's pursuit of getting every last delicious inch down my throat. My hand slid down to my own cock, and I stroked it, absolutely intoxicated by the situation as though the salty sweet precum that flowed down my gullet in a steady flow were laced with alcohol. She shoved me to the floor, pushing that monstrous meat between my fat titties, the thick coating of drool allowing them to slide through my cleavage and into my cockstarved mouth with ease. She continued to whisper soft, silky words of encouragement, yet when she opened her mouth, she let out a roar that sounded like a jet engine and rattled the picture on the walls. The deafening scream was followed by an eruption in my mouth, thick hot salty cream that I swallowed voraciously, only to find my mouth filled again, until it seemed like I had drank a gallon of the demon's load. She pulled her cock from my lips, pumping out another 5 or 6 heavy bursts onto my face before moaning "Mmmmm, now I have a taste for human, and taste you I shall". I was moved onto the bed, though I don't think it was my own power that moved me, and the stunning ebony demon slid between my thighs and engulfed my cock so effortlessly I nearly came right then. It felt like a thousand tongues and lips were licking and slurping me all at once, and she sucked so hard and fast, I never had a chance. I tried to scream, though nothing came out as I pumped my load down her throat, convulsing madly before finding myself on my back, that massive cock sliding into my ass... It was so large, it felt as though she were crawling inside me, yet my slutty fuckhole opened obediently for her, gripping that perfect ebony shecock and hungrily milking it. She spread my legs wide, and I never felt as slutty, as used, and as desired all at once. The whispers continued, hundreds of them, all her voice, telling me to use my ass to make her cum, how she'd been watching and waiting for the opportunity to fuck me, and how she needed my cum to survive. It was all a jumble of noise, yet every word was crystal clear. Her cock plunged into my asshole with machine-like precision, my cock wedged between her breasts as she drilled my ass. The sensations of her cock sliding over her prostate, sending her closer and closer to another earth-shattering orgasm. She flipped me onto my knees, her cock fucking my ass like none other ever had before, and with a roar her hot, thick cum began to flood my hole. She pulled her cock out, leaving my hole gaping and oozing cum as she started to spew her seed all over me, the sensations of that sweet cream sending me over the edge, my cock spasming and spraying cum onto the bed. Her syrupy-sweet voice whispered "I'm not done yet" and I found myself on my back again, her cock still pumping out thick ropes of jizz onto my tits and face. She whispered softly "This is far from over, for you're mine now, and til the end of time. I own your soul, and that sweet, tight hole..." before vanishing in a puff of black dust. I lay there for hours, covered in her cum that was as warm as when it splashed on me, still trying to decide if what just happened was reality or a very vivid dream...