Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Fucked A Pornstar: Aria Velvet in Horny Hallowe'en

Despite being warned, as all of the residents of the village had growing up, sweet Aria was curious about the busty blonde witch that lived on the outskirts of town. There were many rumours about her, but that only fueled her curiosity. It was as much fear as it was excitement when Ivori caught her cutting through the cemetary on the way home one dark and stormy night, and she soon found herself under the spell of the sexy shemale sorceress...
Sure she was curious, but she would have laughed had you suggested she would be naked, fucking in an open casket with the witch so many feared. Yet here she was, rain pouring down on them, her innocent mouth sucking so voraciously you'd never guess this was her first cock.
Ivori pushed the no-longer innocent girl onto the wet grass, her tongue exploring the girl's most intimate parts before drawing her back into the coffin and impaling her, stealing the sweet blonde's virginity as well as her soul...
Dragging her to a grave, she takes the girl from behind, and Aria lets out a scream as a flash of lightning reveals the name on the tombstone she's being so thoroughly fucked against as the very same person fucking her. Terrified, but too horny to stop, she drops to her knees, now enslaved by the witch, draining her balls in the first of what will be a daily ritual...


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