Sunday, October 7, 2012

The (almost) complete Ivori Faith Filmography

I have tried to include every film that is currently viewable. A number of films I have appeared in are no longer available, and I hope to contact the directors to see if there's some way I can make them available to you all to see. The appearances are in no particular order, and in some cases, my name has been misspelled in the credits. - Arrested Development (video no longer plays on Naughty Machinima) - Brazillian Carousel (Directed by Quinn Ying) - Candace's Birthday (non-sex role, directed by Aurora Bentham) - Emeelee & Ivori Up High (Directed by EmeeLee Rage) - Freaky Friday (Directed by Aurora Bentham) - Hotties With Hardons Episode 2 (Directed by Ailish Wirefly) - Pirate Booty Parts 1 & 2 (no longer plays on NM, Directed by Aurora Bentham) - Pron: The Encounter (Directed by EmeeLee Rage and Serenity Juneberry) - Special Package (directed by Alyssa Drechsler) - The Busty Women of SL Porn (no longer plays on NM) - The Foreign Exchange Student (Directed by Sleepy Umia) - Dick Tasty 2: All That Jizz (Directed by Thorgal McGillivary) - Masquerade (Non-sex role Directed by Zev Titanium) - The Big Bang Suck Theory (Directed by CeCe Luminos) - Night Out In The City (Non-sex role DGC Promotion) (Directed by Zev Titanium) - Electric Cocktail- (Non-sex role Directed by Zev Titanium) - Home Visit (Directed by Sabby Grayman) - Garage Party Orgy (Directed by Keith Nyn) If you've directed a movie that has me in it, please contact me so that my fans can see your amazing work again! Kisses and lixxx, Ives