Monday, November 22, 2010

My turn

A lot of people have had their say of late about the drama that's fracturing what was once a tight little group. It's time for my two cents. I lost my net for a bit last night, and it gave me time to think. Think about how things were, and how they are. I don't care who said or did what. All I know is people I care about are at each other's throats, and I can't take any more.

I have been battling severe depression and anxiety for months, and SL has become an important part of my recovery, giving me that human contact on those days when I can't even leave the house. This kind of drama is simply too much for me, and is making me question my involvement in the industry. I love being a porn star, and all the incredible friends I have made in my short time. I am really struggling with this, and if it continues I will have to step away for my own well being.


  1. Despair only gains a foothold when you give up. Whenever an obstacle challenges your path, bulldoze through it. If you can't, then use your logic skills to find an alternative route. Ignite your senses. Feel all possibilities. Exhaust all options. I don't believe that any situation is hopeless, whether life, or being an SL Porn Star. Dig in, assess your situation, fall back and regroup your thoughts, then move ahead.

  2. wraps her arms around Ivori we are more alike then just the state we live in kisses you on the cheek

  3. To my favorite cocktease and friend:

    I'm sorry to see how you have been struggling with all of the drama and turmoil that recently plagued the world of SL porn. How you saw close friends quarrel and insult one another, and how you have been forced to take sides.

    Being a sexy porn star in SL is a lot of fun but I think sometimes our desire for success has made us lose sight of that. I know I did at one point. But I agree with Hailey and believe that despite the obstacle, despite the doubts you have going on in your mind about whether or not to continue this, you shouldn't give up. Consider taking a short break, and reevaluate your situation...find out if you still have the same passion as you did before.

    Your closest and dearest friends (including yours truly) care about you, and though we may have our differences, we have no qualms or misgivings about just how proud we are to know and befriend the sexiest and most amazing TG Pornstar in SL. :-)

  4. You can't leave! Everytime you come to Hard Alley, my ass cheeks clench! It's the best exersize they've ever gotten! My ass has never looked so good!