Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Fucked A Pornstar: Vauldon

Think only pornstars get to have this fun? Nope. I've set up a way for my fans to live out this little fantasy. If you'd like to know what it's like to fuck a pornstar, cum see me at Twisted Shemales or give me a shout in world, and I will give you details.

I had seen him eying me all night long. We didn't get too many drows in the club, especially not males, so he kind of stood out. He was tall and sexy, rugged even, but the look in his eyes and the telltale scars left no doubt that he was a submissive. He was shy and sweet as he approached me, and after a little awkward banter we decided to head to my place to get a little more comfortable. Well I would be comfortable...

I wasted no time in breaking down any resistance he might have due to nerves, securing him on the bed and lashing out with my flogger.  The braided leather strips left delicious red steaks across his gray flesh, and his cock began to swell.   He howled in pain and delight as I flicked it, his eyes glossing over as I took him firmly in my grasp.

Moving him onto his knees, I began a series of steady, repetitive strokes, his back and firm ass soon a glow.  His speech began to slur as he drifted towards subspace, my voice calm, almost droning as I lead him there "Such a good little slut you are, thanking me for inflicting the punishment you so obviously need" I purred.  I then placed the flogger down and adjusted the chains so he was arched back, and his mouth opened instinctively.

I jammed my swollen shecock down his throat, choking the slutty drow, loving the way he gagged and sputtered as he tried to adjust to the invasion.  He didn't just want to fuck a pornstar, he needed to be abused, and I was only too happy to oblige.  I pulled my cock from his mouth and rubbed it all over his face, smearing it with a mixture of drool and precum.  Slapping it hard against his cheeks, he whimpered and begged me for more, but I had more in mind than just fucking his mouth.  I quickly stood him up and shoved my drool-covered meat into his tight lil fuckhole...
His ass was tight, contracting around my cock in a feeble attempt to try and inhibit my movement, but with my hands pulling back on his hips as I thrust, he soon relaxed, his hole open as I savaged it.  He began to moan loudly and I hissed in his ear "Don't you dare fucking cum until I tell you!"  He moaned louder and managed a nod, his cock twitching noticeably.  I pulled him onto his knees again, sliding between his legs to impale him with my cock.  His swollen drowmeat slid between my breasts, and I titfucked him as I pounded his ass. 

It didn't take long for this particular combination to send him over the edge, and soon he was screaming as he squirted his hot cum in my cleavage.  I pulled my cock from his ass and pushed his face between my tits to make him clean his mess, then pushed him down to suck the cum from me.  My fingers gripped his hair tightly as I fucked his throat, and I squealed as I pumped my load down his gullet.  He'd barely finished swallowing when I unchained him, and tossed his clothes into the hallway and shoved him out the door.  I closed the door and locked it, smiling because I knew he would be back for more...