Monday, August 11, 2014

Sick, not weak

Taking a moment from the normal naughtiness of this blog to get serious for a moment. Today was an extremely sad day as we learned of the loss of one of the truly funniest people of our generation, Robin Williams. It really hits home for me, not just because I was such a big fan, but because he lost his battle with depression. Those of you close to me know that this is something that I have dealt with for a number of years now. One of the sayings that has really meant a lot to me, is 'Sick, Not Weak'. Mental illness is not a weakness. Needing, asking for and getting help is not a sign of weakness.

If you know someone in need of help, be there for them. Talk, honest open discussion is such a powerful tool in fighting this disease. I am lucky to have been able to beat my demons back to a point that they're controllable, but the it's a fight I know I will have to keep waging. You're not alone. Never ever forget that.

Love you all,

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