Sunday, February 3, 2013

To Sir, With Love

Featuring guest photographer and co-star Graham Collinson During one of my trips to detention in my school days (I know you're thinking to yourself "WHAT? Why I refuse to believe that Ivori ever got in trouble, angel that she is!"), I was told by the teacher that the point of detention was to give you time to reflect on what got you there in the first place.
I am quite sure that had Mr. Collinson know more about why I had been sent to detention, he might not have offered up this pearl of wisdom to me. He had not been told anything more than I had been caught in the boys' room alone. What he, and the teacher that had caught me did not know, that a mere minute before discovery, I was engaged in a most shocking act, and focusing indeed on what had led me to deal with the issue in hand, I mean at hand.
I had gone to the boys' room because I was sure to have a few minutes' solitude, my frustration and desire for the teacher now standing mere feet from me overwhelming. I'd barely had time to tuck my secret away when I was caught, and was once again lost in a daydream when his voice drifted in through the fog "Ivori? Do you hear me? This is a serious issue. We cannot have you doing these types of things. I'm afraid I am going to have to contact your parents..." A chill ran down my spine. I had been warned that one more note or call from the school was the last straw, and I would be shipped off to a private school away from all my friends. "No, Mr. Collinson! Please don't tell them!" I pleaded, and explained my dilemna, adding "Isn't there something I can do to get you to change your mind?" I stood and walked closer to the desk, to let him see what I was quite clearly offering in exchange for some lenience. I had fully expected him to tell me to sit down when he slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me close for a kiss.
Was this really happening? One minute, this very scenario seemed like a mere fantasy and nothing more. Now this handsome older man, the object of my desire was pushing his tongue hungrily between my lips, hands sliding up under my skirt to squeeze my tight, firm asscheeks. "We really shouldn't be doing this" he gasped between kisses, "but it's something I've thought about. We'll just keep it between us" he whispered and kissed me harder and deeper than anyone ever had...
My hand slide between us, and I moaned softly as my trembling fingers found the bulge in his jeans. I stroked and traced the outline of it as I suckled his tongue, and nearly came when I felt his hands rest on my shoulders, pushing me gently but firmly to my knees. If he only knew how many times this scenario had played itself out in my head.
My hands shook violently as I unzipped him and pulled his hard cock out, and I wrapped my fingers around the swollen shaft, tugging it gently. A large droplet of precum oozed from the slit, and I slowly slid my tongue down to collect it, shuddering with lust as I savoured the salty sweet taste. Any shyness melted away at this point, and I took Mr. Collinson deep into my throat.
He slid his fingers through my hair, gripping it as I began to bob up and down on his swollen cock, moaning and slurping on his cock like I was starving. And given how long I had lusted for this, I was. I slipped out of my blouse and his other hand moved to caress and tease my massive breasts, tugging the nipples and squeezing the firm, supple titflesh. It was when he started to thrust his hips, fucking my mouth that I slid a hand down between my thighs, pulling my swollen girlcock from my panties to begin to stroke it. I was so consumed with lust that I had been completely oblivious to the fact that he would soon look down and get the shock of his life.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!?" He gasped, as he saw the swollen member poking out from under my skirt and pulling his cock from my mouth jerked me up off the floor, pushing me against the chalk board. I gulped, scared now that this wonderful dream come true was in fact not real, when he wrapped his fingers around the shaft of my cock, nuzzling my neck as he stroked me slowly, murmuring "There were rumours you were a dickgirl, but I didn't believe it. I've never done anything like this before, but all I can think about is sucking your cock..."
He dropped to his knees, kissing the head of my cock before starting to slide his tongue up and down the shaft. He may not have been experienced, but he was definitely eager, wrapping his lips around the head and trying valiantly to take as much of my cock into his mouth. It was awkward at first, but he soon settled into a rather delicious rhythm. I was shocked when suddenly he lurched forward, taking the entire length down his throat. It took everything I had not to cum right there, and soon I was fucking his mouth, my cock gliding down his throat, pulsing as he plunged his fingers into my sweet, tight lil fuckhole.
I had barely murmured the words "Please Mr. Collinson, I need you to fuck me" when I found myself on hands and knees on the classroom floor, his cock slowly and deliciously sliding into my gaping fucktunnel...
The sensation of his cock relentlessly pistoning in and out of tight young ass was too much to take, and my cock began to spew thick ropes of cum onto the classroom floor. I pushed my ass back to meet his thrusts, reveling in the deliciousness of having my ass stuffed with cock. His cock.
He began to thrust erratically, letting out a yell as his cock spasmed and flooded my hole with his thick, warm cream. I barely had time to enjoy it when he'd hoisted me onto my feet, hands pressed against the chalk board, his strong hand swatting the ass he'd just so thoroughly fucked. He'd been saying something about me being a good girl, but I didn't really hear it. I was laughing to myself at how this had gone exactly as I had planned it.