Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Fucked A Pornstar: Cecelia

It ain't easy for a girl to make a living these days. Since the abolition of nations following the war, and the rise of an all-encompassing world government, a lot of things became harder to do. Sex seemed to be high on their list of crackdowns. The morality police roamed the streets looking for those trying to eek out an existence selling their bodies. I was in my usual spot, out of the way but well known in the underground. It was far enough off the beaten path that we often had advance notice of a raid, and were able to scurry into hiding before they arrived. You can imagine my shock when Officer Fletcher stepped out of the shadows to confront me.
" Do you know how long they put away working girls from the streets?" she mutters as she readies her cuffs. " I hope your pimp has enough for bail."
"listen, pig... First, I don't have a pimp, I'm my own pimp. Second, you don't have any actual evidence I was committing a crime, so either charge me or leave me alone!"
" You're right...I guess I'll just have to charge you when I bring you downtown."
"what the hell... that's entrapment! And watch your hands... just wait til.... mmmmm... stop that.... til I call my lawyer" Next thing I know, this pig's got me pinned to the wall, and giving me a patdown that seems far too sexual to be a weapons search. She found something concealed alright, and the bulge grinding against my ass let me know I wasn't the only packing heat here. That damn cop had me right where she wanted me, which was not a cell in the detention center as she kept insisting, but pinned against the wall in this dark alley, my swollen cock in her hand and hers now pushing into my tight lil fuckhole...
".this is a problem sweety...we put you with the guys or girls...they are going to do horrible things to you." She shakes her head. " I have to take you in though...unless you have something to offer."
Blackmail. Give up my ass to her for free, or end up giving it to others for free for who knows how long. I realized I was fucked either way, one was a little more enjoyable than the other, so I decided to play along. "Well, since you put it that way I think we might be able to work something out that gets us both off... if you know what I mean"
The cock this dirty cop was weilding put her nightstick to shame, and unlike a lot of the guys who hired me, she actually gave a pretty good reach around. It wasn't long before the sensations of that massive slab of cockmeat plundering my asshole had me pumping thick, hot cream onto the wall.
This cop wasn't just dirty, she was a little nuts, too. She stripped right down to nothing as she fucked me right there in the street, a pretty big risk for a) getting caught, and b) having someone steal her badge and gun. She didn't seem to care about the risk, and I was too busy slamming my ass back against her cock to give it much thought.
I groaned and asked if this meant I would get off of the charges and the bitch just laughed. " Oh it won't be so easy as that. As you know I'll have to keep the other cops from getting at you too." She coos and taps her chin. " Well...I could get a cut in the money you take in, but thats a bit too dirty for my taste. How about your ass is mine... every night after you're done with your clients. Free for me of course....and you'll stay with me. You keep your money though."
I still wasn't sure if I could trust her, but I did manage to hit the record button on my phone just after she approached, so if she was lying, I had her proposal to save my ass. This was a pretty sweet deal. A nice place to live, still hook, and come home to a sweet cock at night.
Even though I was going to say yes, she seemed determined to sweeten the deal by giving me the kind of ass-fucking a girl dreams of, and after pumping a lot hot creamy cum inside me, showed no signs of letting up.
It wasn't all gravy for me though, as the bitch slapped a transmitter collar on me. She'd be able to track my movements, so I would have to make sure not to get involved in anything that pissed her off, or the deal could go byebye, along with my ass.
She had just finished dumping a 2nd load of spunk into my slutty ass when some of the other working girls called out from the shadows that a raid was imminent. She pulled out, her cock still spewing cum and grabbed her clothes, and I quickly grabbed my gear to go to my safe spot. She said she'd be back for me later, and I watched her go back into cop mode, not a hint of what she'd just been doing on her face.