Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Afternoon Tryst

I had seen him many times, and exchanged flirtatious glances at each other over our laptops during the daily ritual at the coffee shop near work. I decided to go on a day off and see if I could track down this handsome man, and to my delight not only was he there, but he was evidently very excited to see me. I don't know who made the first move, but it seemed like seconds before we were back in my apartment...
My body felt like it was on fire, every gentle sweep of his fingers on my flesh leaving a path of flame and tingling lust. I pulled him closer, until he buried his face between my soft, warm breasts, and let out a gasp as his fingers wrapped around my swollen cock.
In keeping with our coffeetime tradition, we didn't speak. The actions alone were deafening, as his pump my throbbing girlcock. He moaned softly, lowering his head as he took me into his mouth...
My lips parted, but the best I could offer was a soft moan as I watched this gorgeous hunk devour me. The room was filled with soft, wet slurping noises, his head bobbing up and down, and I managed to focus long enough to reach out and grab his cock, giving some pleasure with my skilled hand in appreciation for his efforts. I decided that he shouldn't be the only one having fun, and tapped his shoulder to get him to stop so that I could spin around and take his cock down my throat while he sucked me.
He pushed a wet finger into my ass as he sucked, and through some skillful manipulation of my prostate had me off my rythym and dying to feel that cock deep in my ass. I slid out from beneath him and got on my knees, spreading my cheeks wide to show him the glistening pink hole that ached to be filled.
His cock pushed against my hole and being the dirty slut that I am, it nearly sucked it inside in it's eagerness. He tried to inch his way in slowly, but a lunge backwards on my part soon had him balls deep in my backdoor, causing me to cry out with lust. He settled into a delicious pace, that thick, veiny cock making every nerve ending come alive, even more so when he reached beneath me to stroke my cock in unison with his thrusts. Aggressively I pulled away and pushed him onto his back, grinning wickedly as I lowered my hot fucktunnel onto his swollen meat.
His thrusts increased in speed, and my ass slammed down onto his cock. I began to shake violently as my cock erupted just as I felt the first delicious spurts in my ass, showering his face and chest with cum. We collapsed together in a sweaty pile, and I licked his face and chest clean of my thick, gooey treat. "Well. what happens next, Ivori?" he said, and I grinned and replied "Oh, maybe we'll get coffee sometime..."

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