Thursday, May 6, 2021

NEW BOOK: The Awakening Of Carolyn


It's my first novel that's not about me! I wrote this naughty cuckolding tale about a woman named Carolyn, whose husband Brad truly doesn't appreciate what he has in her. Brings his work buddies home to watch the game, and they're not impressed with how he treats her, so they show him exactly how to treat a lady. They force Brad to watch as Carolyn gorges herself on three big, black cocks! You can read this now for just $3.06 on Amazon or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. Check it out here

The Erotic Adventures Of Ivori Faith: Ivori Does The Neighbors

 My second book is a fun little tale of sissification, femdom and some hot group and interracial action thrown in just for fun! After I catch my neighbor stealing my lingerie, I work out a plan for payback with the help of his wife. It's available on Amazon for $3.02 or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited! Check it out here, and please rate it if you enjoyed it! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Erotic Adventures Of Ivori Faith: Ivori Does The Mall

The first episode of 'The Erotic Adventures of Ivori Faith' is entitled Ivori Does The Mall. A simple trip to the mall leads to some seriously delicious fun. A hot tryst with a sexy sales girl. A quickie in the store room of a food court restaurant. And there's more, but you're gonna have to read it to find out. It's available now on Amazon, and it's free to all Kindle Unlimited users! Check it out here, and if you do read it, please leave a rating and comment! I hope you like it!  

The Bitch Is Back!

 Hello, darlings! I apologize to all of you who who so faithfully followed my adventures here as opposed to Flickr and Twitter. I will be cross-posting all pics here, as well as info about all of my new books. In the mean time, here's my latest pic (SFW, which I know is out of character, hehe) for you. The links to my books are coming up shortly, so make sure to check back if you haven't yet checked out The Erotic Adventures Of Ivori Faith!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Black To The Beach

I ran into Marcus down at the beach the other day and we got to talking about surfing. He was kind enough to show me how to hang 13...