Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Fucked A Pornstar: Private Dancer

Hello darlings! Long time, no hump! *giggles* I am sorry to have been neglecting those of you who don't do Flickr, and will be mindful of that going forward, so to show you how much I appreciate the support you've shown in my 3+ years in SL porn, I am posting this new set here first! As you may recall, my 'I Fucked A Pornstar' series is a feature where clients contact me to live out their pornstar fantasies. You might recognize Michael, he's been featured before, and I am always happy to see him! This time around, I thought we'd go back to how we first met... Sometimes my gentleman friends like to see me in the club. Other times, they like to have me all to themselves. Michael's no different, so when he heard I'd just installed a new dance table in my apartment, he couldn't text me fast enough to come over and check it out for himself.
Normally reserved when he watches me dance, he felt more comfortable to let his hair down in this more private setting, throwing 100's at me with a lascivious grin on his face. That grin turned to unadulterated lust when I got down on my knees and stroked my massive girlcock in front of him, whispering "I know you've been thinking about wrapping your lips around my cock for weeks now baby. Well what are you waiting for? Get up here and suck me!"
I sat down on the stool and watched with delight as he scrambled up onto the table. I spread my long, shapely legs and invited him in, and he wasted no time at all, slamming his face into my lap with the ferocity of a man that hadn't eaten in days. He bobbed up and down, getting accustomed to the size, the light from the fireplace letting me see the look of lust in his eyes. I slid my fingers through his hair and helped him get everything he came for.
I purred softly "take your shirt off baby" and giggled as he struggled to remove it, keeping his mouth firmly clamped on my cock, not letting it free for even a moment. He took a hand down long enough to unzip and let his thick, hard cock out of the tight denim encasement, and lifting my legs, places my feet on his cock, using my boots to jerk him as he sucked. He pushed two fingers into my ass, and I'm not gonna lie, he almost made me cum right there. But he wasn't going to be the one to get all the fun. I pulled his mouth off me and growled playfully "okay Mister, it's my turn now!"
We traded places and I gave him a reminder of just why he's been coming to see me all these years, taking his sizable cock down to the base with not so much as a sputter, holding myself there for a moment, my throat muscles rippling teasingly along his shaft. I drew off slowly, slurping loudly then went to work, seeing how many times I could get him to the brink before he would beg to slam his cock in my tight little ass. I pulled my mouth off and grinned "oh no, this time, I get firsts, baby!" and pulling him onto my lap, lowered him down onto my throbbing shecock, groaning as it inched it's way into his tight, hot ass.
I let him off for a moment, getting back to the position that started this lustful tryst, jamming his ass with my fat tranny dick from my knees. I let out a scream and exploded inside him, thick warm cum pumping into his hole, then slowly oozing back out and rolling down my shaft. I asked for time to regain my composure, but he would have none of that, getting on his knees and lifting my legs over my shoulders, pushed me back against the stool and slid inside me. His hips were a blur, pistoning in and out of my ass for a few minutes before helping me to the floor. He slid in behind me, bending me over the table and slamming that dick into me harder than he ever had before. I guess he liked the new table...
He let out a yelp "ohhh fuck, Ivori!!!" and pulled out, spewing his load all over my ass. He then quietly cleaned up, kissed me, and left.