Thursday, September 30, 2010

2000 Hits!

Wow... When I started this blog 3 weeks ago if you told me I would have this many hits already I would have asked you to detach the prim crack pipe.  But you love me, you really do!  Though for most of you I am a dirty lil secret, I am cool with that.  That's when I am at my best...  So to show my appreciation, here's another unreleased pic.  Love you all, Ives.


Lots of goodies for you naughty boys & girls over the next few days!  The release of Surprise Package is imminent, some new photo sets of me doing what I do best... plus other great things!  I am gonna throw part 2 of the Emanuelle Jameson interview to you soon, I swear the more I get to know her the more I admire this girl.  She is a gift to SL porn.  That's not sucking up, just the honest truth.  Oh and I will snap some new pics of her as well hehe.  In the meantime... here's a couple sneak peeks of a new Amateur Initiation:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quiet On The Set: Surprise Package

We were able to get the shoot done for AD Productions' feature starring the utterly gorgeous Faye Nymphea and your favorite Tgirl :) .  If this movie is even half as hot as it was to make (and if you've seen director Alyssa Drechsler's work you know it will be and then some...) it's gonna be amazing!  I was able to snap a few pics when I um, had a hand free, hehe.  I know you're gonna love this flick, and I am looking forward to the naughty plans Alyssa has for some future shoots with me!  We will post this as soon as it's up, and you can expect us to cover more shoots from AD Productions in the near future.
About as femboy as you'll ever see me...

She get hotter everytime I see her

My clipboard.  I keep my important stuff on there.

I never really thought about it, but I kinda like my ass these days :p

Rich Bitch Faye chewing me out for delivering the package late.

"I should let her use the bathroom, what could possibly go wrong"

Checking the melons for ripeness.

Considering I am forcing myself on her, this is a sweet photo...

How do I set up this box?

Insert tab A into slot B...


I had my tongue so far inside Faye it came out her mouth ;)

I love her 'O' faces...

getting reacquainted... it's been over a week, yanno...

love this pic...

After this scene, we made a nice sandwich for Hard Rust on that very counter...


Another great shot... I really love the contrasts in our skin tones here

I love penetration shots.. especially when they involve me :p

So naughty...

Mrs. Robinson, are you...ohhh, that feels so good...

forget the pics... the things she tells me in IM's  made me cum like a fountain

The cum princess prepares for something she was promised...

See, she can look even hotter...

My new favorite picture

good to the last glob...

The sexy director, and of course.. an ass shot.  The End, get it? :p

Hooray for Humpday!

Someone's gonna get humped today and they don't even know it yet *giggles*.  Oh, good morning.  It felt good to sleep in, especially after being up at the ungawdly hour of 4 am yesterday.  I should have some new stuffs for you later today as I do that juggling act between SL and RL.  It will definitely make your humpday better.

Looks like no one was able to guess the cleavage, so no prize will be given away this time.  I might even see about lining up some really good prizes and do this once a week.  The girl with the cavernous cleavage in that shot was the sexy Brit herself: Serenity Kristan!  That naughty lil minx decided it would be fun to pop down and see me at Twisted dressed as a schoolgirl.  So naughty.  And that's why I adore her and her lovely wife Arwen.  Those two brats have some serious detention time cumming up, believe me.  I snapped a couple more pics of her for you seeing as how she was looking so delicious!  You're welcome.  ^^

Today we hopefully get the shooting done for 'Surprise Package'.  I will have a full on set report cumming soon!  I also have some exciting industry news to tell, I can't just yet, but it is going to be massive!  I have a number of photosets to get done, and I will be working my cute lil tail off to bring them to you.  If you want to shoot with me, or have an idea for a photoset you'd like to see me in, drop me a notecard in world.  Oh, in case you were wondering, that is my lovely roommate Kolt Kitalpha in the picture at the start of this article.  You're gonna get to know this kickass tgirl a whole lot better very soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Interview: Emanuelle Jameson

Not only is she the face of SL porn, she is also one of it's most talented visionaries.  As smart and driven as she is sexy, she leads the way in so many different aspects of the industry.  Her biggest appeal?  She is genuinely nice, and takes the time to talk and make you feel like you have her complete attention when you do.  I would not be where I am right now without her help, so I decided to give you all a look at this wonderful woman and maybe find out some of the things that make her tick.  Oh yeah, and show you pictures of her ass.
 Ivori Faith: so you must be thrilled with the reaction to La Cagna Ricca, did you think it was going to be as big a sensation as it is?
 Emanuelle Jameson: Even after doing this a bit I don't know which films people will love. It surprises me which ones get tons of hits and which ones kind of go ignored. But i have to be honest, I did think this one would stand out. The voice on that movie was pretty unique, she said modestly
Emanuelle Jameson: giggles

 Ivori Faith: tell me how you came up with the idea for it, and without giving away too many trade secrets how you were able to accomplish this?
Emanuelle Jameson: It was so much Madame Aprille's idea!   She came to me with the story, the location. She had the actor she wanted to play Enzo.  Even the lip sync was her. I had the idea of cutting to her narrating, and then she showed me the lip sync on SL, I didn't even know it existed!!!  Once i saw that, i made her do the narration all over again :)
Ivori Faith nods, I didn't either to be honest... but what an introduction
Emanuelle Jameson: awww ty :) Well that's why i put her name in the title :)
Ivori Faith: and Madame Aprille... what a voice, and acting skills as well. Anyone can read, but she really tells the story
 Emanuelle Jameson: Yes, I was excited to have her narrate. I knew she had a powerfully sensual voice.  I even learned how to convert clips to just audio tracks for this picture. That way we could use more of that wonderful voice all the way through the movie
Ivori Faith: She does... it um... enhanced my enjoyment of the video...
Emanuelle Jameson: She has that effect on people :)
Emanuelle Jameson: giggles

Ivori Faith: so you plan to make one of these a month... any chance we can get a preview of the next episode... or is it hush hush?
Emanuelle Jameson: I don't know if i can do one a month.  This one took over that long to make.  I am not the fastest filmmaker :)
Ivori Faith: quality over quantity
Emanuelle Jameson: always!
Ivori Faith: it's funny how much SL mirrors the real world here too...
Ivori Faith: So many girls have came and went in porn, yet youre still on the top of the list... what do you think is the reason for your success?
Emanuelle Jameson: oh i dont think there's any top :)
Ivori Faith: I love your modesty...

I had planned to ask her more questions, but she had to run off to RL at the time.  I will have Part 2 of this interview for asap, along with more pictures of the hottest girl in SL.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some thoughts before bedtime...

A HUGE thank you to everyone who took a look at my humble little blog this last week.  I am overwhelmed by the numbers.  981 hits.  312 first time visitors.  157 return visitors.  Not bad for a tranny.  Hehe.  Everyone who's helped me since the start, you know who you are, and you know how much I love ya!  Now maybe before midnight, we will pass the 1000 hit mark, and if that happens, I will be treating you to some naughty pics I took today. 
I had a great time hanging out with Rayven Baily tonight.  Smart, funny, and sexy as hell... if you're not already following her blog, she will find you and make you pay.  I'm not joking.  She's mean like that.  Sweet dreams, my naughties.  And just in case we hit the 1k mark, here's a preview of those pics... Love, Ives!

Rayven's on a hunt...

As you may know from reading this blog, someone who is fast becoming one of my favorite people on the grid is Miss Kickass Princess herself; Rayven Baily.  Forget that she is sexy as hell (and owes me a lap dance...), she is without a doubt one of the FUNNIEST bloggers in SL.  Gawd help you if you cross paths with her, just hope she's gentle with you.  Her latest post (with a link to her hot new flick from AD Productions called LOCK UP Vol 2: Dress Down) has a 'blogmovie' (a neat little thing which I am so gonna rip off haha) called Good Cock Hunting.  Why am I posting it?  Read it and see...

Box Lunch with Karra

A little under the weather today so not terribly energetic.  I will be posting the Emanuelle Jameson interview today if it kills me... In the meantime, here's the pics from a lil nooner  I had over at Hard Alley with my friend Karra :)